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About Banker of the Gods

A non-cutthroat and fun stock market game set in an ancient world. For 1-5 players. To become the Banker of the Gods you must master the ancient art of banking, and gauge the uniquely generated yet predictable stock market.

In this alternate ancient world true power lies with superstitious bankers, not kings. Five of the world’s leading civilizations have setup their banks on the prosperous Japanese Oki island, the trading capital of the world.

Players: 1-5
Playtime: 60 - 75 minutes
Age: 14+
Type: Strategy Worker Placement
Weight: Medium
Kickstarter: Mid-2018
Price: To Be Announced

Players represent banks of antiquity: China, Egypt, Greece, Japan, and Rome.

Each turn players decide what tasks their workers will perform. There’s competition for the most valuable tasks such as buying stock commodities from the mountains and selling them in bulk at the stock market.

In Banker of the Gods the stock market is controlled by the game, not by the players. Players may compete against each other in a boom market, or in a depressed market. Whatever the market may be, there comes a point in each game when wise bankers can almost accurately forecast it.

Master the ancient art of banking to become the Banker of the Gods.

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